Ligno-Plus™ Dust control and Soil Stabilization (Licensed product of J&J Agri-Services)
 Apply at about 25% to 27 % solids or a dilution of one part water with one part Ligno-Plus™.  At this rate,
one-half gallon of diluted product is applied to cover approximately one square yard of road surface.  At the 1:1 dilution ratio, two to three applications will be required per year.  The exact application rate will depend upon traffic and weather conditions.  Heavy traffic and dry conditions require more applications.
 Light rains are beneficial to the performance of Ligno-Plus™.  Light rain or light applications of water will bring back the stickiness of the product from its dried state.  Through capillary action, the product is brought back from beneath the surface. 
  Application can be made from a gravity flow or pressurized spray bar system at the back of a watering vehicle.  The flow rate from the spray bar should allow the lignin liquor to thoroughly wet the road surface without leaving puddles. 
  J & J Agri Services recommends that:
             * Equipment used to transport Ligno-Plus™should be clean and free of any contaminating residue.
             * Water used to dilute Ligno-Plus™ should not contain residues or other contaminants.
 * The extent of dilution and the application rate should be carefully considered for the intended 
 * Prudent consideration should be given to weather, soil and surrounding conditions.
 Application as a soil stabilizer requires that the roadbed be prepared by:
             (1)  Grading or scarifying the surface to windrow loose material to each side.
             (2)  Apply Ligno-Plus at the dilution of 1:1 with water and mix thoroughly.
             (3)  Shape the road and form a modified A-type crown.
             (4)  Compact by roller.
 Ligno-Plus™ is normally shipped in a concentration solution and diluted with water at the job sight to about 25% to 27% percent solid content or at the 1:1 dilution ratio with water.  Ligno-Plus™ can also be shipped diluted at 25% to 27% solid content.  Road conditions and climate can affect the application rate.  However, road stabilization normally requires one gallon of diluted Ligno-Plus™ solution per square yard applied to a depth of six inches.
 This process will build a structurally sound road suitable for a steady flow of traffic, including heavy equipment at mines.  Also, the soils bound by Ligno-Plus™ will not rut or break up during spring freeze-thaw cycles.  Roads produced in this manner are excellent sub-bases of paving by concrete or asphalt and will reduce weak or soft spots, which may arise subsequent to paving.

Roadway Formulation
  Ligno-Plus™ is a lignin based product used effectively for dust control and soil stabilization. Ligno-Plus™ also includes additional specialty additives to greatly enhance the performance and handling characteristics of the product. Note the advantages:
·       Reduces unpleasant aroma associated with traditional lignin products.
·       Encourages better moisture retention resulting in less frequent applications.
·       Creates a denser road cap by reducing sliding hazards of loose dirt.
·       Improves spreadability, surface penetration and handling and reduces buildup on equipment.
·       Increases environmental safety with non-toxic ingredients safe for foliage and surface water surrounding roadway.
·       Provides a safer and cleaner site by controlling dust clouds and increasing visibility on dirt roads.
·      Reduces road repair with hardened surfaces.

 Ligno-Plus™ is consistent from load- to- load and saves significantly on labor, equipment and water usage. 
 Ligno-Plus™ is an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum based products.
 Ligno-Plus™ is available in truckload quantities FOB Sherman, Texas.
  If you have questions please call:
Doug Wilson
888-985-7877 Office
512-618-1009 Cell

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